Special Award To Cee Neuner

This post is specifically to give a special (no-rules-attached) award to blogging photographer Cee Neuner for her creative-fun photo  of a roll of toilet paper.
Now admittedly, I am presenting this award with “tongue in cheek,” but Cee is an extremely talented photographer, and if you have not visited her site, you should. Her work is fantastic, and I think she deserves recognition. Besides, the funny side of me just could not resist making special note of work that goes into realms most photographers leave untested.
You’ll find the photo, along with others, at the link connected to her name above.

And as stated in parentheses, there are absolutely no rules attached with this award. I do not believe in awards with rules, because the person receiving that honor has already earned it fully.




Floral Friday Foto – 8/28/14 – Pink Lily Pads by Terry Valley

I decided I had to participate in Floral Friday Foto this week so I could showcase this brand new picture by my photography friend Terry Valley — since he doesn’t blog these days so can’t showcase it himself. Hope you all enjoy it as much as I do.





Fight The Battle

In the United States, today is Women’s Equality Day — resulting from an act of Congress in 1971. It reminded me of something Susan B. Anthony said concerning battling for equality and rights. She said that sometimes a battle just needs to be fought, even when you know you can’t win it. Those words have come back to me more than once and given me encouragement when I was fighting battles that I felt sure I would not win on the first go-round. Regardless of the outcome, those battles needed to be fought.

It’s a truth that we would all do well to remember. There are times in life when the first time we fight a battle, we still lose, but the fact that we fought it to the end releases revelation and encouragement to others who will return to it in the future. And by the second, third, or fourth time that battle is taken up — perhaps even in another generation — the momentum gained has reached a level that ushers in the victory. If there’s something WORTH fighting for, don’t weigh the chances of victory or defeat — JUST FIGHT THE BATTLE.




Friday Fictioneers – 8/22/14 — ‘Love Grows On You’

Friday Fictioneers prompt this week is this photo by Roger Bultot. (Sorry, there was no link for him.). My story is below the picture.



Virginia Creeper wasn’t beautiful and was generally considered a nuisance wherever she grew. But she had a kind heart, and when she heard sobbing out by the alley, she crawled over to investigate. She found Barney, the discarded garbage truck, soaking the ground with his tears.


I-I-I’ve been thrown away! Dumped here; no one wants me now. Dead motor. And everybody says I-I-I stink!” His sobs were heartbreaking.

Virginia gathered her strength. Stretching, squirming, she pulled herself to the unhappy truck. She reached up, grabbed his bumper, and curled around it, stretching higher and wider until she had completely embraced Barney in a comforting hug.

Don’t cry, Barney. I love you, and I’ll stick with you forever.”


Join the fun over at Rochelle’s Place. Write your own 100-word story based on the picture prompt.



Will I Know Him When I See Him?

It’s been a heavy-thinking day. This piece is just a little whimsy I engaged in to clear my head — although I have experienced something similar, as have others. Maybe you have too. Let me know.

Will I Know Him When I See Him?

Some enchanted evening, you may see a stranger; you may see a stranger, across a crowded room … and … you’ll know even then that somewhere you’ll see him again and again.” It does happen: you notice a person across a room. You’ve never actually met him. You may not know anything about him, or you may know who he is only in an objective sense. There’s absolutely no logical reason to believe that he will become an important part of your life, or that one day there will be a strong relationship between the two of you. But regardless of the lack of logic, you do know, somehow, that your destiny is tied up with his.

He leaves. You leave. Months go by, and you don’t set eyes on him; you don’t hear his name mentioned; you don’t even think about him except in the most fleeting way. Then suddenly, one day you hear someone talking about him, and everything in you comes to attention. You think, I want to know what they’re saying, because he’s special to me. He’s going to have a special place in my life. So you listen carefully. It isn’t anything particularly important … just words that included his name … but you made a mental note because you know he’s important in your life.

More months go by, and suddenly you see him walk into a store. You feel like you need to go up to him and say something, because, after all, he’s an important person in your life … but you don’t know him. He doesn’t know you. If you say anything, he will look at you as if you’re crazy. So you let it pass, but you feel as if you’ve missed something good. You go home a little sadder because you didn’t connect … even though you know you are connected.

A few weeks go by. There he is again, walking down the same grocery store aisle as you. This time, the need to say something is more than you can rein in. You still haven’t met. He’ll still think you’re crazy. But you speak. Something inane, but certainly non-threatening. And sure enough, he looks at you, and you can see the question in his eyes: “Who are you?”

And your immediate reaction is to answer, I’m the person who’s going to have a really important place in your life! Your destiny is tied in with mine! But, of course, you can’t say that. So you walk on down the aisle as if nothing out of the ordinary has happened.

Weeks pass. Now you’ve had an opportunity to talk to him briefly in the natural order of doing your job. It’s been fleeting, but at least there’s a connection. You don’t know why you want that connection. Most of the things about him are definitely unlike anything you have thought you might want in life. In fact, you aren’t looking for a new relationship at all right now. But it was important that you connected.

A couple more weeks pass. You hear from him. Again it’s related to your professions, but a door has opened a very tiny little crack. So you walk through it. Maybe he’ll still think you’re crazy, but you might as well take a chance. Chances like this don’t come often.

More weeks pass. You come to the conclusion that he has closed the door again and intends to keep you out. Oh, well. It’s probably better that way. You don’t really find him attractive, and you know you wouldn’t want a serious relationship with him. It’s just that there’s something … something … there is something special that’s supposed to happen between the two of you.

More weeks pass, and now you have managed to talk some sense into yourself and decided to let go of this screwy idea that there is something special between you and this stranger. You move on. You focus your attention on your work, your friendships – real friendships – and the possibility of other new relationships —- if you can ever get to the point where you are sure you really want a new relationship.

Months pass. You hear his name, and, even though you’ve convinced yourself that all of it was a figment of your imagination, your mind centers in on the words being spoken about him, and your heart tells you – once again – that your destiny is connected with his . . .





Okay, I Give Up

HAND HOLDING I GIVE UP SIGNWell, once again, I have failed to post the next story for the Saturday writing challenges in August. My original plan, as those of you know who read the original post, was to write a story every Saturday in August featuring a man with a gun, and to invite my readers to do the same and share links to their stories.

However, as soon as I posted that challenge, my business and personal life got so busy that I have not been able to find time to sit down and write anything new at all for the past two weeks.

So I have to face the fact that this time around, the challenge is bigger than I am. I hate to say it, but I have failed to reach this particular goal. However, there are other goals ahead, and perhaps, when things slow down in other aspects of my life, I can get back to the fun of challenging myself and other writers as well.

If you’re reading this, and you wrote a story for the challenge, please go ahead and post your link in the “Comments” section of the original “Man With A Gun” challenge post.

Thanks a lot for your understanding.




‘Man With A Gun’ Hits a Snag

SMILEY - SAD FACE - PEACHI am sending out my sincerest apologies to all who want to take part in the “Man With A Gun” Saturday writing challenge. I was supposed to have posted the next story this Saturday so that others could participate and post the links to their stories on my story. However, due to a major upheaval in our family this week (nothing tragic, but an event that required my undivided attention Thursday through Sunday), I was unable to post a new story — or do any blogging of any kind.

Any of you authors out there who had a story for this weekend, please forgive me, and please don’t give up on taking part in the challenge. You can feel free to post the link to your new story on last Saturday’s story, or you can hold onto it and post it with my new story this coming Saturday, August 16.

And if you haven’t heard about the challenge yet — or haven’t decided to take part — maybe this interruption will give you a chance to think about it more and jump in.

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