A Cinquain Complaint

I can’t Figure it out: Why WordPress is so dumb. Each change they make just makes things worse. It stinks. We try To let them know. But if they hear us cry, They just ignore our humble pleas. But why? And now It’s much, much worse. Could be I’ll have to move And take my […]

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The Sidewalk

“Well, what’a ya know,” Ben whispered to himself, grinning, seeing his breath form vapors on the Christmas air. “Who would have thought it would be the brick sidewalk?” He sighed. In one unexpected instant – as his feet had tread the bricks of this dear old sidewalk that had run the length of Main Street […]

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Don’t Read This Book If …

DON’T READ THIS BOOK if you don’t want your heartbeat to pick up speed at the sight of someone walking through a door – or if you don’t want to find yourself holding your breath waiting for a kiss – or if you don’t want to find tears rolling down your cheeks when disappointment is […]

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Getting Away With It

Writing provides a means of misbehaving. Subtle opportunities to break the rules. To do and say some things the trusty conscience hides, Writing offers handy, beneficial tools. Create a story set within the printed world, With characters who get away with awful deeds. Or frame a poem lightly metered, gently rhymed, That tells a ghastly […]

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A Dream Come True – or – How ‘Everything’s Jake’ Was Born

“Where do your stories come from?” people ask. And my normal answer begins with, “Actually there are about as many different sources as there are stories.” And sometimes the answers can get pretty involved. But, with this little story – Everything’s Jake – it’s a ridiculously simple answer: I dreamed this story. Yep, that’s right. […]

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The WordPress Family Expands

Well, this past week, I finished up one of my “Blogging Made Easy” classes, and it’s time to introduce my WordPress family to some of the newest members of the clan. I’m not sure they would all tell you that they found learning to blog “easy,” but the difficulties we encountered were not of their […]

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